Most Popular Routing Packages In Flutter

Most Popular Routing Packages In Flutter

Flutter packages that make navigation and routing easy.

1. AutoRoute

  • If your App requires deep-linking or guarded routes or just a clean routing setup you'll need to use named/generated routes and you’ll end up writing a lot of boilerplate code for mediator argument classes, checking for required arguments, extracting arguments, and a bunch of other stuff. AutoRoute does all that for you and much more.
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2. Fluro

  • Simple route navigation
  • Function handlers (map to a function instead of a route)
  • Wildcard parameter matching
  • Querystring parameter parsing
  • Common transitions built-in
  • Simple custom transition creation
  • Follows beta Flutter channel
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3. Beamer

  • Handle your application routing, synchronize it with browser URL and more. Beamer uses the power of the Router and implements all the underlying logic for you.
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4. VRouter

  • Automated web URL handling
  • Nesting routes
  • Transition
  • Advanced URL naming
  • Reacting to route changing
  • Customizable pop events
  • And much more...
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5. RouteMaster

  • Simple declarative mapping from URLs to pages
  • Easy-to-use API: just Routemaster.of(context).push('/page')
  • Really easy nested navigation support for tabs
  • Multiple route maps: for example one for a logged-in user, another for logged out
  • Observers to easily listen to route changes
  • Covered by over 160 unit, widget, and integration tests

6. ShelfRouter

  • Shelf makes it easy to build web applications in Dart by composing request handlers. This package offers a request router for Shelf, matching requests to handlers using route patterns.

7. GoRouter

  • The purpose of the go_router is to use declarative routes to reduce complexity, regardless of the platform you're targeting (mobile, web, desktop), handling deep linking from Android, iOS, and the web while still allowing an easy-to-use developer experience.

8. Yeet

  • A dank and easy way to navigate using Router API of Navigator 2.0 - No boilerplate. No code generation. No classes. Just yeet! image.png

9. Qlevar Router

  • Qlevar router is a flutter package to help you with managing your project routing, navigation, deep linking, route params, etc ... With Navigator 2.0 Manage your project routes and create nested routes. Change only one widget on your page when navigating to the new route. Navigate without context from anywhere to anywhere.

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