Top 10 Websites For Developers

Top 10 Websites For Developers

Would you like to be a better developer? Here are some awesome websites that you probably don't know exists but they have extremely useful resources.

  • Have you ever wondered about those viral sites, the ones that went from average to trending in a matter of minutes.
  • Yup, I am talking about the ‘Top 10 “X” Sites’ or ‘10 Websites You Don’t Know Exists' type of articles. We have seen lots of these types of articles and I decided to take it a step further.
  • There are so many websites out there that can be helpful to developers, but we often overlook them because we haven't heard of them. I will try to gather around 10 unknown or not well-known websites that can be beneficial to any developer.

1. Dev Resources

  • A collection of Public APIs, Audio, Fonts, Icons, Illustrations, Images, Logos, Videos, Blogs & Forums, Personal Websites, Books, Marketing, Platforms, Podcasts, Utilities, Auth, Cloud Computing, Databases, Hosting, Serverless, Boards, Freelancing, Interviews, Remote Only, Resume Builders, Programming, Tools and Utilities, UI Designs and much more.
  • devres.png

2. CSS Layout

  • A collection of popular layouts and patterns made with CSS:
  • 🎉Zero dependencies
  • 🎉No frameworks
  • 🎉No CSS hacks
  • 🎉Real use cases
  • image.png

3. ThisThat

  • What is the difference between and in the front-end development?
  • Cover differences in various topics (CSS, DOM, HTML, JavaScript)
  • Include many Good to know sections
  • Include many good practices
  • Include many tips and tricks
  • image.png

4. 1loc

  • 286 Favorite JavaScript Utilities in a single line of code! No more!
  • image.png

5. Web Interface Handbook

  • This is a book about the fundamentals of creating a good web interface. You will find out how to make effective forms, typography, grids, and many other components of web design.
  • webinterfacebook.png

6. Logo Tester

  • Your logo needs to be unique in order to stand out from competition and be memorable.
  • Instantly check if your logo is up to the top industry standards
  • logotester.png

7. 404 Illustrations

  • Make a unique journey through 404 error pages on your website Use these illustrations that describe better than words
  • 404.png

8. Snappify

  • Create beautiful image of your code, customize it and share it.
  • snappfy.png


  • Plan out your next project with the help of It's open source and you can decide where to store your data.


10. Git Explorer

  • Find the right git commands you need without digging through the web
  • gitexplorer.png

Wrapping up !

  • Share this awesome list of websites with your friends and developer communities.
  • Hope you enjoyed it.
  • Feedback and Comments are welcomed 🙂
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